Monthly Archive: July 2013

Hardware Upgrades

When to Upgrade? The rule of thumb should be this: Upgrade when the cost of not upgrading exceeds the cost of upgrading. New hardware should help you work faster and more efficiently. Or maybe you need to upgrade your hardware to run new software applications that will improve productivity. If that is the case, upgrading …

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Virus Removal

Is your computer running slower than usual? Are you getting lots of pop-ups? Have you seen other weird problems crop up? If so, your PC might be infected with a virus, spyware, or other malware – even if you have an antivirus program installed. Though other problems, such as hardware issues, can produce similar symptoms, …

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Computer networks help users on the network to share the resources and in communication. Can you imagine a world now without emails, online news papers, blogs, chat and the other services offered by the internet? The following are the important benefits of a computer network. File sharing: Networking of computers helps the users to share …

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